Un développeur compétent peut-il être indiscipliné ? [FRENCH]

Dans cet article, je traite de la notion de compétence. Malheureusement, le français manque de subtilité sur ce sujet, je vais faire appel à l’anglais (pour une fois :) ). En anglais, il y a deux concepts très proches : la compétence au sens “skill” et la compétence au sens … “competence”.

The Moving Motivators

Motivation is a key behavior in an organization. It’s very important to identify the value motivating people. The Moving Motivator game is a way to open a discussion about the intrinsic motivations and to understand how changes can affect these motivations.


The motivation of workers are based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Intrinsic motivations are the easy face of the problem of motivation. The include “eat”, “love”… Extrinsic motivations are much more difficult to identify. The CHAMPFROGS model describes them in several categories. Let’s study them.

Motivation and engagement

All the managers consider that the motivation is one of the most important things to reach in a team, in a company. It’s not new. But you have to understand something: there are two kind of motivations, and both should be addressed, not only one. The ideal worker of any manager is not only a motivated worker, but an engaged worker.

The difficulty is that people are motivated in different ways: some people need encouragement, some other need more, they need to enjoy the activity. It’s why it’s very important to understand well the different types of motivation.

Hiring with the Moving Motivators

The Moving Motivators game can be used in a lot of situations. One of the most important is to assess the impact of an change in the organization (merger, business strategy, …).

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