What is... GitOps?

In this series of posts, I introduce multiple concepts of DevOps in simple and clear ways. The first one is GitOps?


GitOps is a pattern of operation of applications allowing to automate the continuous delivery. It is based on declarative infrastructure code files (Infra-as-Code) stored in Git. The concept has been invented by Weaveworks in august 2017.


GitOps can be used for:

  • synchronizing Kubernetes cluster configuration with the desired state in the git repository configuration files (Namespaces, ConfigMaps, Secrets, Ingress, …),
  • deployment of applications to Kubernetes (Deployments, Pods, Services, Helm Charts).

These files play the role of source of truth.


The principles of GitOps are:

  • Declarative configuration of the system state,
  • Version controlled of the desired system state,
  • Immutable storage : git is the source of truth,
  • Automated delivery by autonomous agents,
  • Autonomous agents (“operators”) enforce the desired state and alert on drift,
  • Closed loop by approval of automated changes.

More in depth

The code in Git describes the state of the system (YAML files, Helm charts files, …).
Let’s introduce two tools for GitOps :

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