The Emotional Seismograph


The Emotional Seismograph is an indicator about how the team felt they worked during the iteration. It can help to identify issues by analyzing the emotional ups and downs.

How to use it?

To use the Emotional Seismograph, proceed as below:

  • Create a table with in X each day of the period and in Y the name of each team’s member.
  • Each day, write a note of the emotional feeling for each member (1-5, 1 is the worst feeling, 5 is the best).
  • Update a graph showing the evolution of the feeling for each member during the period.

There are two ways to use this technic.

Scenario 1

Each day, ask the team to mark a point representing how they feel about the work.

Scenario 2

During the retrospective (“heartbeat retrospective”), ask team members to recall how they felt on each day of the iteration.

Make discuss the team about opportunities for improvement.

Niko Niko calendar vs Emotional Seismograph

When the Niko Niko calendar is difficult to use, an Emotional Seismogram is a good alternative.

The Niko Niko calendar relies on team’s memories of how they felt. It’s the trend over the time. It’s the best choice, except if the team resists to this technic.

The Emotional Seismograph takes a real-time snapshot of teams’s feelings each day. An disadvantage is that it’s conditioned by the outcome of the iteration.


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